Neo Leshabane

Neo Leshabane  is a South African DJ who best known for being the husband of popular social media influencer Olwethu Leshabane. Neo Leshabane is fiercely protective of his wife and in 2018 he went viral after hitting back at a man who questioned his wife's dressing.

"these ‘ideals of respect and so-called teaching of what constitutes a good wife’ you are talking about are dated and continue to help patriarchy thrive. Stop that shit! Let women make their own choices about their lives, including but not limited to what to wear, where and when to wear it… oh, and in addition, I posted half naked. I only had shorts on. No one expressed any issue with that except that I need to get in better shape, but you guys want to be out here going on about how my wife should dress at the beach with 34 degrees Dubai heat”


Neo is from Limpopo.  Olwethu Leshabane boasted about how men from Limpopo are the best.


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Neo Leshabane
First Name Neo
Surname De Jenerio
Home City Johannesburg, South Africa
Current City Johannesburg, South Africa