Greg and Jamie Blair

Greg and Jamie Blair

Greg and Jamie Blair are a couple from Nova Scotia who were killed on 19 April 2020 in mass shootings by Gabriel Wortman in Nova Scotia. The couple were identified as one of the victims by Jessica MacBurnie their relative.

“Two beautiful souls were lost today 💔 … and many more. I have absolutely no words for the heartache my family & many others are going through. This was such a careless act, & many who should have never lost their lives. My heart is breaking for my family, my heart is breaking for everyone else suffering through this tragedy. My family has been through so much, no one should have ever had to deal with this. I love you both so much, & sending all my love to my family & every other families who lost someone today.”


Greg and Jamie Blair's children are not yet known.


Not much is known about Greg and Jamie Blair's family except Jessica MacBurnie who identified them.


Greg and Jamie Blair's ages are not yet known.


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