Sofia Gala

Sofia Castiglione better known as Sofia Gala , is an actress Argentina known for Alanis (2017), El resultado del amor (2007) and Everybody Has a Plan (2012).

Date of birth

She was born on January 24, 1987.


Daughter of the actress Moria Casán and producer Mario Castiglione, Sofía Gala grew up in the dressing rooms of revues, during the filming of Alberto Olmedo and Jorge Porcel's films, and in the backstage gossip television shows. 

Early life

She was born at the Clinica del Sol in the City of Buenos Aires in 1987. Her exposure in the media occurred very early due to her mother's fame. Sofia lived part of her childhood in front of television cameras and under the stage of the theaters where her parents performed. In 2001, at the age of 14, she made a nude with his mother for a famous graphic publication that sparked controversy. 


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Love life

At only 15 years old he announced her romance with a 40-year-old doctor , whose relationship was approved by Moria CasánShe has been married to Julián Della Paolera since June 11, 2012. Together, they have one child.

Net worth
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Her acting debut came with Los Roldán, in 2004 at age 17.

Her first foray into the world of acting came in 2004, when she played a kiosquera , Sofia Estevez, in telecomedia Los Roldán . Her second serious acting job was the role of adoptive daughter of a gay marriage in the play Yo, chancho y glamorous , by Fernando Peña.

In 2006 she participated in the soap opera El tiempo no para , and also worked in a chapter of Mujeres Asesinas , in 2008.

Sofía filmed, in 2007, her first film, The result of love , directed by Eliseo Subiela , where she played the role of Mabel, and whose performance earned her the Silver Condor Award as "female revelation" and the award for "best actress "at the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival . 

The following year, she performed in Piedras , Matías Marmorato's debut feature, alongside Adela Gleijer and Lucas Lagré . It is followed by La ronda , Rodney , El Sol (as voice actress) and Tetro , the latter under the orders of Francis Ford Coppola .

In 2010 she starred in the second episode of the historical unit What Time Left Us , on the Telefe screen and directed by Luis Ortega . 

In 2012 she made a special participation in the unit The Donor , on the Telefe screen. 

On television she appears in the television series Nafta Super , broadcast by TNT and directed by Nicanor Loreti , who had previously taken over the film adaptation of this story by Leonardo Oyola .

In September of that same year Alanis was released , starring Sofía Gala under the direction of Anahí Berneri . The film narrates the vicissitudes that a single mother who engages in prostitution must go through. For this role it received very positive reviews from journalists and the award for Best Actress at the San Sebastian Festival.

In January 2018, 27: The club of the damned , a black comedy and action film directed by Nicanor Loreti, was released . The plot of the film revolves around a conspiracy behind the deaths of famous rockers at age 27. Paula (Sofía Gala) is a fan who manages to record the moment when one of the deaths occurs and is key in the investigation carried out by Martín Lombardo ( Diego Capusotto ).

In 2019, she participates in the Netflix Apache miniseries : The Life of Carlos Tevez , in which she plays the biological mother of soccer player Carlos Tevez , Fabiana Martínez.

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Sofia Gala
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