Simiso Hoyi

Simiso Hoyi is a South African best known for playing 2Ironz on Rhythm City a tv series that airs on eTV.


Simiso Hoyi is best known for playing 2Ironz on Rhythm City. 2Ironz is a gangster rapper signed to Red music label operated by Suffocate Ndlovu and Pearl. 2Ironz is in conflict with veteran rapper Bongani also signed to the record label. 2Ironz behaves like a real gangster, always carrying around his gun and quick to always produce it.

Background and Age

 Simiso Hoyi grew up in Sterkspruit, a small town in the Eastern Cape. He later relocated to Johannesburg. His age is not yet known.




Not yet known.

Contact Details

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Simiso Hoyi
First Name Simiso
Surname Hoyi
Home City Sterkspruit, Eastern Cape
Current City Johannesburg, South Africa