Shudufhadzo Musiḓa

Shudufhadzo Musiḓa is a South African model from Ha-Masia, Limpopo. Shudufhadzo Musiḓa is best known for being a semi-finalist for Miss South Africa 2020.

Career and Education

Shudufhadzo Musiḓa has a degree in Bachelor of Social Sciences in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) from the University of Pretoria. As of 2020 she studying towards a BA Honours in International Relations from University of Witwatersrand.

Shudufhadzo Musiḓa lives in Johannesburg but was born and raised in Ha-Masia, Limpopo. She is 23 years old as of 2020.

Shudufhadzo Musiḓa trended on Twitter after she was quoted in a interview with UNIVEN FM saying she only follows people that she "relate to." "I've never followed more than 500 people In my life, I've never followed more than 304 people on Twitter because It’s just too overwhelming if I don't know you. I only follow content that I relate to."

Many branded Shudufhadzo Musiḓa arrogant with #ShuduMustFall trending.

Its not yet known if Shudufhadzo Musiḓa has a boyfriend.

Parents and Family
Shudufhadzo Musiḓa's father, mother and family are not yet known.


Black, Venda.

Net Worth
Shudufhadzo Musiḓa's net worth is not yet known.

Contact Details

Phone Numbers
Physical Address
Shudufhadzo Musiḓa
First Name Shudufhadzo
Surname Musiḓa
Home City Ha-Masia, South Africa
Current City Johannesburg, South Africa