Phindile UJ Hacker

Phindile UJ Hacker refers to a South African IT student at University of Johannesburg who hacked into the university's computer system and awarded herself two distinctions in modules she was failing. Phindile reportedly also changed results for other 200 students who were struggling to pass their modules.

Some of the students reportedly graduated because of Phindile's actions. However University of Johannesburg dismissed the reports as fake.

“UJ has noted a report peddling misinformation disguised as legitimate news. The report, which was published on a news satire/parody site, is FALSE! Sadly, many readers have been misled to believe that it is real news. It is FAKE news.”

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Phindile UJ Hacker
First Name Phindile
Surname UJ Hacker
Home City Johannesburg, South Africa
Current City Johannesburg, South Africa