Papa G (SA actor)

Georgie "Papa G" Zamdela is a character on popular South African soapie Isidingo that depicts a flamboyant gangster. Veteran actor Darlington Michaels play the role. Isidingo aired it's last episode after 21 years on 12 March 2020. Papa G is best known for his stylish outfits and swag something which Darlington Michaels he says producers adapted the role to fit his profile. Darlington who played the role for 16 years in real life is also know for putting on expensive jewellery and stylish clothes.

Appearing on Metro FM's The Morning Flava breakfast show on 13 March 2020 a day after the last episode of Isidingo, Darlington recalled how he got the role.

“When I went for an audition, I went dressed in the swag that Papa G is known for ... little did I know I was impressing the producers with my look. It was 50 people who came to audition for the role and it boiled down to seven at the final one. Only to be told I got the role. Georgie Zamdela was just a piece of paper and Darlington was the one who gave him the swag and the lingo.”

After the show many people took to Twitter to commend how Papa G is full of swagg despite his age. "Papa G" was putting expensive jewellery including a gold watch and couple of rings on both his hands.

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Papa G (SA actor)
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