Owen Joyner

Owen Joyner is an American actor and theater artist who rose to fame after he was cast as a teen artist in the adult teen show, ‘100 Things To Do Before High School’.

Date of birth

Joyner was born in Norman, Oklahoma on July 19, 2000.


He was born to Mike Joyner and Dinah Joyner. He was raised by his siblings, Luka, Hannah, and Hayden. Luka is the eldest of all and a national level athlete. Hannah and Hayden are Joyner’s half-sisters from their mother and stepfather, Ryan Guntz.


Joyner was first enrolled at Oklahoma High School but while filming for TV series, he found it extremely difficult to manage both. So, he took up correspondence studies through Oklahoma Connections Academy. He used to study in between his shoots. Joyner loves music, drumming, and long-boarding and enjoys rock music. He is a sports freak and plays tennis, baseball and snowboarding. Being a music enthusiast, he learned to play musical instruments too. He can play percussions and guitar. He is also trained in jazz and hip-hop.

Early life

Joyner was always fascinated by the theater art. He started pursuing his dreams of becoming an actor at a very young age. He worked at many local theater groups while he was still in school. Slowly and gradually, he became so involved in theatre and acting that his academics suffered. Around the same time, he was invited to an acting workshop at Sooner Theater. One of his friends was working on a play at the theater, and Joyner was inspired by the act. His passion for the art caught the attention of the director of the play, and he trained Joyner. Thereafter, he snagged the lead role in the play ‘Camp Rock’ in which he played the character of Nate Jones. The turning point in his career came when he was offered a role in the young adult show ‘100 Things To Do Before High School’.

Love life

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Net worth

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Joyner is best known as the naïve and super charming high school boy, Christian, affectionately addressed as Crispo Powers by his mates, in the show ‘100 Things To Do Before High School’. The show was first aired on Nickelodeon on November 11, 2014. It was about three high school friends - Christian, CJ Martin, and Fenwick Frazier. This show became a turning point in Joyner’s career, and he became a star overnight. The show was shot in Los Angeles, so Joyner had to return back to Norman after the show ended.

After ‘100 Things To Do Before High School’, he once again focused on theatre, joined Sooner and bagged the lead in their next play, ‘Good News’.

He appeared as Tom Marlowe, a star footballer who is in love with a girl named, Patricia.

Thereafter, Joyner took a leap and tried his hand at singing. He performed at a Symphony Orchestra show at Oklahoma City Philharmonic.

He also played a part in the stage adaptation of the children’s storybook, ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

He was then cast in two of the plays produced by Young Producers, ‘Urine Town’ and ‘How to Succeed’. Joyner did his first ad campaign with Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation. The ad film was made by a local Film production company in Broken Arrow in Oklahoma.

Joyner returned back to television with the superhero series ‘Thundermans’. This series became the longest-running show on Nickelodeon, after six more episodes were added to its last season. The show completed its 100 episodes in 2012 itself. In 2016, Scott Fellows, the creator of ‘100 Things To Do Before High School’ considered renewing the show with a new season. The channel declined the offer.

Joyner was seen on another Nick show, ‘Knight Squad’. The show falls in action and comedy genre and is created by the same team that created ‘Thundermans’. The show is based on a school teaching magic tricks and aired its first episode by the end of 2017. Joyner was seen in the lead role as Arc.

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Owen Joyner
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