Odley Jean

Odley Jean is an actress, known for Grand Army (2020) TV series.

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Early life

Jean was born in Brooklyn and comes from a Haitian family. 


The Brooklyn native initially wanted to major in theater, since acting is a passion of hers. She now studies at Nassau Community College, and is currently majoring in Human Services and Sociology. At one point, she was majoring in African-American studies, but thought that with Human Services she would be able to cover more ground and also apply what she learned through her African American studies classes as well into her work.

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Jean started acting when she was younger. Though she was a shy child, she remembers stepping in for a friend at a church play and realized it was something she loved. She joined Katie Cappiello’s theater group when she was 16.

In 2020, she appeared on Grand Army TV series, while portraying the role of Dominique, Pierre.

Jean on making a difference for girls and women

She compares Cappiello to a second mom. With her group, Jean had the opportunity to perform monologues of women and girls who went through issues such as female genital mutilation and sex trafficking issues. She’s performed at Equality Now’s events, and has met many activists and survivors. These stories changed her life, and she said that the work she’s done with Cappiello and Equality Now is the reason why she changed her major to Human Services. Now, she said she finally got her “feet planted” in a career she wants to pursue.  

“I really want to be hands on with helping women, helping people, helping the youth.” She said. “Helping the youth is a really big thing, because the youth is our future.” 

Jean also mentioned working with Rachel Foster from World Without Exploitation, an organization founded by former prosecutor Lauren Hersh and many trafficking survivors. The organization works with the issues of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. According to Jean, performing the monologues as a sex trafficking survivor or Female Genital Mutilation is never easy.

“It’s hard. I’m really crying on stage sometimes!” Jean said. “It’s hard to be on stage and be really vulnerable while talking about these situations.” She also said that Foster was able to help her understand that she has the gift of empathy, which goes a long way. 

While being sensitive to the issues her characters go through helps with delivering the monologue, she said that she also wants to use empathy in an organization such as Equality Now and help people. 

Jean looks up to a lot of powerful women such as Taina Bien-Aimé, the executive Director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and a founding member of Equality Now. Bien-Aimé helped FGM survivor and activist Jaha Dukureh to get out of her arranged marriage, as well as Jean’s friend who was trafficked.

Jean once went lobbying for sex trafficking victims and she was shocked to see who were survivors amongst the group. According to her, it really helped her connect with these victims and change her perspective even more. 

“These things are hard to say. But that’s what’s going on and people don’t want to hear it,” Jean said. “Being involved really helped me connect with a lot of the survivors and express their stories the best way I can.” 

The young actress said that, if people truly want to make a difference to help these women and girls, they should not wait around for teachers to tell them about it or to hear it on the news. Everyone should do their research and go for it. For example, she didn’t know that there were four different types of FGM until she did her research. Raising awareness and gaining knowledge on a subject can go a long way.

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