Melvin Gregg

Melvin Gregg is an actor and social media star who first gained recognition for his Vine videos. He became a top 100 personality on Vine, earning over 3 million followers. 

Date of birth
Melvin Gregg was born in Portsmouth, Virginia on 22 September 1988.

He was born to Constance Gregg and Melvin Vaughan. He has six sisters and he lived with his family in his hometown Portsmouth before moving to Los Angeles.

Before he moved to LA, he studied Marketing in the Old Dominion University.

Love life
Melvin has also declared on Twitter that he has a steady girlfriend but he has not yet revealed her name or face.

Net worth
Not yet established.

Melvin Gregg joined YouTube on 1 November 2009. However, there is no information available about his earliest postings. The first post from Melvin, which is still available on YouTube was uploaded on 10 November 2013. The video is titled as “Melvin Gregg Vine Compilation (part 2)”.

Melvin was amongst the early birds on Vine and his videos got quick popularity making him an online figure.

He quickly earned over 3.8 million subscribers on Vine and became one of the top 100 personalities on the platform. With regular posts of various comedy videos that displayed the range of his vast acting ability, he also made a strong foot hold on YouTube and amassed over 210,000 subscribers in no time.

However, by 2013, when he first became conscious about his online popularity, he had already debuted in TV shows and feature films.

He first appeared in a show with four episodes, named ‘Whatever’ in 2011 and 2012.

He also landed roles in films like ‘A House Is Not a Home’ and ‘Alpha House’ in the subsequent years. ‘Freakish’ and ‘The Land’ are his latest series and movie respectively that were released in 2016.

Gregg also has a promising career in advertising and he has appeared in over a dozen of commercials for reputed brands like Sony, Nike and Google, which has helped him to gain the status of a national level professional in the field.

Currently, Melvin is concentrating on his acting as well as online career.

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Melvin Gregg
First Name Melvin
Surname Gregg
Born 22nd September, 1988
Home City Los Portsmouth, VA
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