Marlon Moreno

Marlon Moreno is a Colombian actor, recognized mainly for playing "Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo" in the series El capo on Canal RCN.

Date of birth

He was born on May 18, 1966.

Early life and Family

He grew up with three siblings, Salomón, Ricardo, and Lizeth. His older brother, also actor Ricardo Moreno, motivated him since childhood to follow in his footsteps in the world of acting.

When he was in school he stood out in the plays that his school presented, he was part of a school theater group, later he became a taxi driver, later he was a driver, a messenger, he worked as a bank teller and even dedicated himself to work in a photocopier, to be able to pay for his studies and realize his dreams.


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Love life

 He was married to Sandra Alzate from 1994-2011. He married Laura Pujol in 2014. He's the father of four children, Brian, Samuel, Gabriela, and Luna.

Net worth

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His first work was in the telenovela Gente fresca (1995), with the role of Paco.

A year later he filmed Milena, where he played Carlos. That same year he filmed three other soap operas, among them La mujer del presidente, which was broadcast on Canal Caracol. There, his role as Victor Leal meant his jump to fame.

The following year he was part of the cast of Sin límites (1997), in which he played Antonio J. Charry, and which was broadcast by Canal Caracol in 1997.

In 1998 he acted in La dama del pantano, where he played the role of "El Apache". The following year he acted in The Queen of Queens, where he played Bruno Berrocal.

After two years away from the screens, he reappeared in the telenovela El precio del silencio (2001) in the role of Dr. Santamaría and was broadcast on RCN Televisión. Two years later she acted in No renuncies Salomé playing Carlos Alberto.

That same year Marlon became even more popular, as he accepted and played the role of "Ciro Bernal" in the series Pandillas, guerra y paz, a great drug lord who blows up Ricardo Castro's house, thus initiating a violent war between Ciro's side and Richard's people.

He was called to act in the series La saga, a family business that reached a high level of audience, received excellent reviews and is considered one of the best Colombian series of all time.

That same year he filmed the movie El Rey, in which he acted with Fernando Solórzano and Cristina Umaña in the role of El Pollo. The film tells the story of Pedro Rey from Cali, a man who goes from having a pool business to being a big drug lord. Directed by Antonio Dorado, the film received good reviews and even won several nominations, including "Best Film" at the Cartagena Film Awards and a Goya nomination for best foreign film.

In 2005, he acted in the telenovela El pasado no perdona, in which he played Felipe Santamaría, produced by Telecolombia and broadcast by Canal RCN.

In 2006 Marlon participated as "El Titi" in the series Without tits there is no paradise , based on the novel by Gustavo Bolívar Without tits there is no paradise . It tells us the story of a 17-year-old girl named Catalina who lives in a middle-class house and is about to finish her high school, and whose mother keeps sewing. The series achieved a high level of tuning in the country and received great reviews, being broadcast on Canal Caracol in 2006.

That same year Marlon acted in the film Soñar no cost nada , based on a true story that took place in Colombia, in which several Colombian Army soldiers find a cove of the FARC guerrilla. In it, Marlon plays Lieutenant Solórzano, a role for which he won the India Catalina for "Best Supporting Actor" at the Cartagena International Film Festival.

In 2007 he starred in the film La beca, playing Juan Carlos Mejía. That same year he also starred in the movie Dog Eat Dog , where he played Víctor Peñaranda, a man who finds a million dollars in the house of the enemy of his boss or employer, and during the film he hides the dollars on the roof of the room where he is staying, but when he goes to escape, a man weighing about 130 kilos hits him with a rod and kills him. Thanks to this film he won the award for best actor at the Guadalajara Film Festival.

He also participated in the FOX channel series Final Time , in which he starred in three chapters, Double Life (as Oscar), Heavy Jokes , in the role of Monterrubio, and Bomba tres playing Debrasse.

He also acted in the movie El informante , where he played the role of Mendoza.

In 2008 he acted in The Last Happy Marriage with the role of Bernardo Torres, a man who works in the construction area and who knows in the company where he is a partner the woman who serves reds, called Yorley, a very humble peasant with which he falls in love and with whom he has a son. Said telenovela won several "India Catalina Awards", among them the one for best telenovela, and was broadcast on Channel RCN .

One of his productions has been the sequel to the film Soñar no cost nada , called Regreso a la Guaca , which tells the story of several soldiers imprisoned for keeping 27 billion pesos seized from the FARC guerrillas. This was also broadcast on Channel RCN .

In 2009, Marlon joined the series El capo in the role of a determined, flirtatious, brave man, with money, very powerful and capable of doing the impossible to protect those around him. The character he plays there is that of Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo, better known as "El Capo", within a story based on drug trafficking with bodyguards, women, and various characters with a lot of public power who are actually nothing more than corrupt people determined to give information in exchange for money.

Marlon Moreno acted in Dog Eat Dog , a Colombian film that premiered on April 18, 2008. Directed by Carlos Moreno, it tells the story of two murderers who work for an important businessman in Cali who wants to take revenge on the murderers of his godson and get back all the money that was stolen from you. Marlon plays Víctor Peñaranda, one of the assistants of the businessman El Orejón (Blas Jaramillo). Peñaranda will turn out to be the one who has the money and will have to fight against the businessman's men to be able to stay alive and give his family a better future.

This film also entered the competition at the Sundance Film Festival in the United States , for the World Dramatic Competition category, and although it did not win, it was considered one of the best by the public.

Mreno appears on the Le Vengaza de Analia (2020), a Colombian drama television series.

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Marlon Moreno
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