Maciej Zakoscielny

Maciej Zakościelny is a Polish film, television and theatre actor.

Date of birth

He was born on May 7, 1980.


Not much is known about his family except that his mother's name is Lucyna.


Maciej graduated Academy of Drama in Warsaw. Maciej first felt the call of the stage already in elementary school. He studied at the School of Performing Arts for thirteen years, majoring in music - his instrument was the violin, but also piano, guitar and lately, African drums. One of his major hobbies, which he dedicated five years of his growing-up life on was karate. All those skills helped him into University of Performing Arts in Warsaw, where he wanted to study drama.

Love life

Since 2014, he has been in a relationaship with model Paulina Wyka with whom he has got two sons.

Net worth

Not yet established.


He got his first role in the series Plebania , where he played Marek Bednarek. Later, he performed, among others in Sfora (as Lipski's partner), Na deer (Emil) and in the TV series Samo Życie (as Antoni Knapik). Viewers could also watch it in three Television Theater productions : Casting Session , Prince of the Night and September 1 . As Igor, a friend of the TV series Tomek, he starred in For good and bad . In The Old Tale, he played Wramot, his first costume role.

In 2004, at the festival of theater schools in Łódź, he received an award for stage movement and expression. Then he joined the team of the Współczesny Theater . 

He starred in the plays Pretending a Victim and The Lieutenant of Inishmore . Also in 2004, he began working on the TVN series Kryminalni , playing the role of Marek Brodecki, sub-commissioner. 

In 2005, he appeared in the romantic comedy Just Love Me , directed by Ryszard Zatorski . The following year, he starred in another film by the same director, Why Not! 

In the years 2008-2014 he played the character of Bronek Woyciechowski in the series about Cichociemni , entitled Time of honor.

He also performs dubbing roles , incl. in the films Eragon ( Eragon ), The Shark Way (PI / Pyś), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ( Stan Shunpike ), The False Dozen (Charlie Baker) or the series 6 at work (Jonsey). In 2008, he lent the voice to the main character of the computer game Prince of Persia.

2008 brought the actor further successes. In February in Warsaw, the premiere of the first edition of the musical performance "Singing Jazz" directed by Zbigniew Dzięgiel , in which Zakościelny publicly presented his musical talent for the first time (he graduated from primary and secondary music school of the second degree in the violin class). In the project devoted to the "Polish queen of swing" Carmen Moreno and her granddaughter Anna Serafińska , he showed himself as a musician: he played the violin and sang swing songs.

In November 2009, Maciej Zakościelny performed in the 2nd edition of "Singing Jazz", singing and playing at the premiere of the performance at the Jazz Jamboree Festival, where he accompanied Marianna Wróblewska - one of the most interesting vocalists in the history of Polish jazz - and Beata Przybytek - a pianist and jazz singer. The project "Singing Jazz" with the participation of Maciej Zakościelny has been produced since 2008 by the Artistic Foundation. Kalina Jędrusik "Kalinowe Heart".

In 2011, Maciej Zakościelny appeared in the music program Tak to fly! , broadcast on TVP2 . His winnings, i.e. 25 thousand. zlotys, donated to the Kalina Jędrusik foundation "Kalinowe heart".

In 2017–2019 he played Dr. Michał Wolski in the TVN Diagnoza series . This role earned him a nomination for the Telekamera "TeleTygodnia" 2018 in the "Actor" category.

In 2020, he appeared among the cast of Fiercce, a thriller film as Director.

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Maciej Zakoscielny
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