Kristen Beaton

Kristen Beaton was a Canadian nurse from Nova Scotia who was shot dead on 19 April 2020 by Gabriel Wortman in Nova Scotia mass shootings. She was driving to work when she was shot,

Career and Education

Kristen Beaton worked as a continuing care worker with the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON).


Kristen Beaton's age is not yet known.

Husband and Children

Kristen Beaton was married to her husband Nick Beaton and had 1 three year-old son. At the time of her death Kristen Beaton was pregnant with another child.

Kristen's husband spoke about her advocacy of personal protective equipment for health workers.

"We need to be her voice now. So please for Kristen’s sake protect the ones who are protecting us. She cried every day before and every day after work scared to bring this COVID home to her son she loved more than I could even imagine anyone could love one person..this wouldn’t of changed the outcome of yesterday but she wouldn’t of been stressed to the max just doing a job she truly loved. So if there’s something you want to do for her, us her coworkers be Kristen Beaton voice and get the workers their PPE to protect themselves."

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Kristen Beaton
First Name Kristen
Surname Beaton
Home City Nova Scotia, Canada
Current City Nova Scotia, Canada