Kim Yo Jong

Kim Yo Jong is a North Korean woman who is a sister to North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. Following reports that King Jong Un is battling ill-health many have speculated that Kim Yo will be Kim Jong Un's successor if the North Korea leader die.

Career and Education

Kim Yo Jong studied her primary education in Switzerland alongside Kim Jong Un. The two are very close and Kim Yo Jong is see as his confidant. Kim Yo Jong has got a degree in computer science from Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang. Kim Yo Jong is a member of WPK politiburo and is credited with overseeing the image of North Korea's regime internationally.


Kim Yo Jong was born on 26 September 1987 in Pyongyang, North Korea, She is 32 years old as of 2020.


Kim Yo Jong is married to Choe Song son to North Korea's Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) party secretary Choe Ryong Hae. The two have been married since 2014.Not much information is known about Kim Yo Jong's children.


Kim Yo Jong is the daughter of the late North Korea leader Kim Jong-il and his wife Ko Yong-hui. Her grandfather Kim il Sung was the founding leader of North Korea.


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Kim Yo Jong
First Name Kim Yo
Surname Jong
Born 26th September, 1987
Home City Pyongyang, North Korea
Current City Pyongyang, North Korea