Kemi: Blood Sisters

Kemi is a character from Blood Sister, a Netflix's four-part crime thriller was directed by Biyi Bandele and Kenneth Gyang. The character is portrayed by Nancy Isime.


Kemi is Sarah's friend who accidentally kills Kola on the day of their traditional engagement ceremony.


Follows the story of two friends, Sarah and Kemi. Sarah is engaged to her dream man, Kola. While their life looks idyllic on the outside, it holds a dark side behind closed doors as Kola is a physically abusive, controlling fiancé. Despite her friend’s concerns, Sarah is determined to press on with the wedding. On the day of the traditional engagement ceremony, tragedy strikes and Kemi accidentally kills Kola. Fearing that no one will believe that she acted in self-defence, the friends decide to cover up the death, unintentionally setting off a catastrophic series of events.

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Kemi: Blood Sisters
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