Kedibone Manamela

Kedibone Manamela is a character from Kedibone, a South African film, directed by Thomas Gumede, and written by Zaba Leroto Hlatshwayo. The character was portrayed by Natasha Thahane.


Kedibone Manamela is a poor, beautiful Sotho girl from the township and an aspiring actress. Her devoted boyfriend has put himself in debt to pay for her tertiary education. But while she is studying in Johannesburg, she starts to attract attention from rich hunks, celebrities and businessmen who promise her the affluent life she has always desired. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, surely? Can Kedibone live a double life and enjoy the best of both worlds?


An exotically beautiful Sotho girl, Kedibone Manamela, chooses to live her youth on the fast lane. Veiled from her loyal childhood boyfriend's eyes, she bounces between being a good girl in the township and the 'it' girl on the high end of Johannesburg streets. A dark threat looms over the day when the news of Kedibone's escapades reaches the young man.

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Kedibone Manamela
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