Gloria Groove

Daniel Garcia, artistically known as Gloria Groove is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, voice actor, performer, and drag queen.

Date of birth

She was born on January 18, 1995.


She is the daughter of music performer Gina Garcia.


Not yet known.

Love life

Details about her love life are not yet availabe.

Net worth

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As a kid, Daniel was a member of Balão Mágico, a group that made a lot of success in the 90s. In 2014, while doing musical theatre, the Brazilian version of Hair, he discovered himself as a drag queen.

In February 2017, she released her debut studio album, O Proceder, featuring the singles DonaImpério, Gloriosa and Muleke Brasileiro. This album reflects her influences of being a drag queen and also a gay man from the ghetto, with mainly rap, hip-hop, trap and funk references.

In December 2017, she released the funk Bumbum de Ouro, her biggest hit until today. Along with Joga Bunda, an Aretuza Lovi single featuring her and Pabllo Vittar, she dominated the 2018 Brazilian Carnival. In May 2018, she released Arrasta, an axé song featuring Leo Santana and in September, Apaga A Luz, a super sexy R&B jam.

The 2019 Brazilian Carnival was another great moment for her: with the 150BPM funk Coisa Boa and her featuring in ProvocarLexa's song, everybody talked about her. In May 2019, she released YoYo, a super dancing song with her friend IZA.

In November 2019, Groove released ALEGORIA, a visual EP, with the tracks Mil Grau, a catchy funk bop; Magenta Ca$h, featuring Monna Brutal, a trap song about how the society uses LGBTQ community to have pink money; Sedanapo, a cute reggae about being second-picked at love; and A Caminhada an EDM/hip-hop voguing anthem about her life journey.

In 2020, she joined A Queen is Born show  as one of the hosts. The show centers around the hosts, Gloria Groove and Alexia Twister, as they make over a drag performer. The Godmothers, as Groove and Twister are called, help their drag Cinderellas become the best drag artists they can be. With their campy and wild senses of humor, Groove and Twister uplift their subjects and help them unveil their inner joy

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Gloria Groove
First Name Gloria
Surname Groove
Born 18th January, 1995
Home City Sao Paulo, Brazil
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