Eugene Goodman (Capitol Officer)

Eugene Goodman is a United States Capitol Police Officer who rose to limelight after lawmakers from a pro-Trump mob at the deadly 06 January 2021 riot at the Capitol in Washington. The protestors had broken into the Capitol in protest Joe Biden's certification as presidential winner of the elections, a result disputed by Donald Trump who alleged vote rigging.

On 20 January 2021 during the inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th US President, Goodman was seen escorting Vice President Kamala Harris. It was later revealed that to new role as acting deputy House sergeant-at-arms.


Eugene Goodman works as a United States Capitol Police Officer. He previously served in the U.S. Army and did tours in Iraq. On 20 January 2021 it was reported that he had been promoted to the role of acting deputy House sergeant-at-arms.


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Eugene Goodman (Capitol Officer)
First Name Eugene
Surname Goodman
Home City Washington, United States of America
Current City Washington, United States of America