Devin France

Devin France is an American child actress who rose to fame after starring in the 2020 film “Wendy”.

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She was born on September 13, 2008.


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Devin France is a student at Lockport Middle school.

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Devin France began her career when she featured in “Wendy” as the title character. The young actress wasn’t looking to be in a movie, much less play the leading role, but after Zietlin saw magic in her audition tape, things changed for them both.

According to her during an interview section. She stated that “Since Wendy is a lot like me it was a little easier to get into character. Some parts of the shoot were harder than others. The cave shoots were hard because you had bats flying around and freezing water when we shot underwater. When we were shooting in water but I wasn’t going underwater. I like swimming”.

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