Coenie Slabber

Coenie Slabber is a 80 year old South African man who worked as a arts editor Sunday newspaper Rapport between the 1970s and 1990s. Slabber also worked as a senior journalist for Die Republikein in Namibia. Slabber is accused of grooming a well-known Afrikaans writer and columnist Herman Lategan when he was a schoolboy and se*ually abused him on multiple occasions.

Two other two men, Sam* and Dirk*, preferred to remain anonymous but deposed to affidavits that are in the possession of News24.

Herman Lategan

Herman Lategan said he met Slabber when he was 13 years old. He was also a schoolmate of Slabber's son at Hoƫrskool Jan van Riebeeck in Cape Town. Lategan accuses Slabber of taking advantage "dismal domestic situation". Lategan said he spent several weekends at Slabber's flat over the years and was abused on multiple occassions.

Lategan he managed to pick himself up after many "years of intensive psychiatric treatment."

"After years of intensive psychiatric treatment, I was able to pick myself up to a certain extent, although there is not a day that passes without me feeling unworthy of success, or love, or friendships. I am half a human being, constantly battling shame."


"My family had gone on a holiday and we stayed a night or two with [the Slabber family]. During the night I became aware, and was woken, by somebody stroking my genitals. It was like being tickled. I could make out that it was Coenie, after a while. I was embarrassed and panicked because I didn't know what was happening."


"He asked if he could pull down my pants and I said yes, even though I didn't want him to. "

"I was shocked, freaked out and disassociated from what was happening. It felt like it was happening to someone else."

Slabber response

Coenie Slabber denies all the allegations and admitted to knowing Herman Lategan whom he accused of being prone to gossip and being malicious to people who he feels have wronged him.

"We became friends and shared many interests. We liked each other."

"He also lived with us for a while because of his personal circumstances. My family took care of him and clothed and fed him. My son told me Herman was gay."
 "I am older than 80. I am really old, I am not a well-known person or newsworthy, and here you are telling me about these allegations.

"I deny that I did anything criminal or malicious."

"I am not surprised that Herman is making these allegations given his temperament. What does surprise me, is that he is doing it now, towards the end of my life."

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