Cecilia Roth

Cecilia Edith Rotenberg Gutkin better known as Cecilia Roth is an Argentine actress, best known for being an "Almodóvar girl" and the "muse" of Fito Páez during the 1990s.

Date of birth

She was born on August 8, 1956.


Roth was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina into a Jewish family. Her father, Abrasha Rotenberg, is a Ukrainian of Jewish origin who moved in the 1930s to Buenos Aires, where he worked as a writer, editor, and journalist. Cecilia's mother, the singer Dina Rot, was born in Mendoza and spent her childhood in Santiago de Chile. Her brother, Argentine musician Ariel Rot, is a former member of the band Los Rodríguez and lives in Spain.She began as an actress in Argentina, until 1976 when she fled the military dictatorship and moved to Spain. Roth has had great success in Spanish film since her first appearances in Las verdes praderas (The Green Meadows), by José Luis Garci; Arrebato (Rage), by Iván Zulueta; and Laberinto de pasiones (Labyrinth of Passion) by Pedro Almodóvar.


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Love life

She was first married to Gonzalo Gil, then later married to Argentine singer-songwriter Fito Páez for some years, with whom she adopted a child, Martín. Joaquin Sabina composed the song "Cecilia" for Roth and Páez. The song is a passionate love letter to Roth that describes their relationship. Roth also had a relationship with young Argentine actor Gonzalo Heredia until 2010.

Net worth
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Roth's most prominent movies include Un lugar en el mundo (A place in the world) and Martín (Hache), both by Adolfo Aristarain.

She is also well known for her leading role in Todo sobre mi madre (All about my mother), by Almodóvar. Roth won Goya Awards for Best Actress with both directors.

Roth has also made noteworthy appearances in numerous television series, including the soap operas Por amor (For love), together with Arnaldo André and Marita Ballesteros, and Nueve lunas (Nine moons). She also appeared in the mini-series Laura y Zoe together with Susú Pecoraro, Epitafios (Epitaphs) with Julio Chávez and Leonardo Sbaraglia, and Tratame bien (Treat me nice) again with Chávez.

In addition to her career in film and television, Roth has also worked in theater in Argentina, as well as in Spain. She is currently working, together with Darío Grandinetti, on the Philippe Blasband play, Una relación pornográfica.


Some of the best-known works in which Roth has acted include:

  • I'm So Excited (2013)
  • Epitafios 2: El final ahora tiene dos caras (2009)
  • Tratame bien (2009)
  • Resurrectores (2007)
  • Epoxy (2007)
  • Las películas de mi padre (2007)
  • Sofacama (2006)
  • Amas de casa desesperadas (2006)
  • La intrusa (2005)
  • Otros días vendrán (2005)
  • Luisa Sanfelice (2004)
  • Epitafios (2004)
  • La hija del caníbal (2003)
  • Kamchatka (2002)
  • Deseo (2002)
  • Hable con ella (2002)
  • Pernicioso vegetal (2002)
  • Vidas privadas (2001)
  • Antigua vida mía (2001)
  • Afrodita, el sabor del amor (2001)
  • Una noche con Sabrina Love (2000)
  • Segunda piel (2000)
  • Todo sobre mi madre (1999)
  • Cenizas del paraíso (1997)
  • Martín (Hache) (1997)
  • Caballos salvajes (1995)
  • La balada de Donna Helena (1994)
  • Desencuentros (1992)
  • Un lugar en el mundo (1992)
  • Vivir mata (1991)
  • La dama del bosque (1989)
  • Los amores de Kafka (1988)
  • The Stranger (1987)
  • El jardín secreto (1984)
  • ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto? (1984)
  • El señor Galíndez (1984)
  • Una pequeña movida (1983)
  • Entre tinieblas (1983)
  • Historias paralelas (1983)
  • Octubre, 12 (1982)
  • Laberinto de pasiones (1982)
  • Best Seller (1982)
  • Trágala, perro (1981)
  • Just a Film (Una película) (1981)
  • Pepe, no me des tormento (1981)
  • Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón (1980)
  • Arrebato (1980)
  • Cuentos eróticos (1980)
  • El curso en que amamos a Kim Novak (1980)
  • Reproches (1980)
  • La familia, bien, gracias (1979)
  • Verdes praderas (1979)
  • De fresa, limón y menta (1978)
  • Crecer de golpe (1977)
  • No toquen a la nena (1976)

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