Brian Jeffrey Raymond

Brian Jeffrey Raymond is a former U.S. Embassy staffer who federal authorities accused of drugging and sexually assaulting nearly two dozen women and saved photos and videos of them on his phone across a decade and several countries.

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Raymond is a former U.S. Embassy staffer.

From August 2018 until June 1, 2020, the defendant worked for a U.S. Government agency at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. There, he used his embassy-leased residence to engage in criminal sexual conduct, to include an alleged sexual assault of AV-1 on May 31, 2020 and the undressing, photographing, and recording of at least nine unconscious women. 

During the course of his employment with the U.S. Government, the defendant has lived in approximately six to seven different countries, and he has traveled to more than 60 countries for work and personal travel. 

The government’s investigation has revealed 22 apparent victims thus far –  the initial sexual assault victim plus 21 additional victims found on his devices and in his iCloud.

He speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. He has worked in or visited over 60 different countries in all regions of the world.

The Hunt 

The FBI is on the hunt for potential victims and information about Brian Jeffrey Raymond, a former U.S. embassy employee in Mexico City already accused of drugging and sexually assaulting nearly two dozen women across a decade and several countries.

A notice released by the bureau—which has been working with the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service’s Office of Special Investigations and Mexican law enforcement on the case—includes the first public photos of Raymond. It encourages anyone who may have dated Raymond or have information about him to provide details through an online questionnaire.

As The Daily Beast was first to report this fall, Raymond was arrested Oct. 9 outside of a gym in La Mesa, California, where he had been staying with his parents after suddenly quitting his job.

Federal prosecutors described Raymond, as an “experienced sexual predator” whose alleged attacks stretch back to at least 2011. He was initially detained in May by Mexico City police who responded to reports of a “naked, hysterical woman desperately screaming for help” from the balcony of an apartment rented by the U.S. Embassy in the well-heeled neighborhood of Poblado. After claiming diplomatic immunity, Raymond—who insisted the encounter had been consensual—was released and returned to the United States the next day.

In a subsequent search of Raymond’s phone, laptop, and iCloud account, agents from the FBI and the Diplomatic Security Service found hundreds of sickening photos and videos they say showed unconscious women being sexually abused. In some, a man holds open the women’s eyelids, waves their limp arms and legs, or puts his fingers in their mouth, eliciting no response, prosecutors said. In others, Raymond can apparently be seen nude and aroused. A number of the women could be heard snoring in the footage. At least nine of the alleged attacks occurred in embassy housing.

According to investigators, the digital breadcrumbs left behind by Raymond also include “numerous” chats with women apologizing to him for blacking out, asking him if they had sex, or claiming to have no memory of the night before.

The FBI says its investigation has “revealed photographs and videos of additional adult women on Raymond's devices and electronic accounts,” which could raise the total number of victims even further.

Raymond, who met the majority of his alleged victims through online dating apps, is charged with one count of coercion and enticement. He is due back in court on Jan. 20

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