Benjamini O'Neil

Benjamini O'Neil is a South African man best known as DJ Tira's neighbor in  Willowbrook Estate, Ruimsig. Benjamini O'Neil and DJ Tira's family are always at loggerheads with Tira and his family accusing him of racism.

In November 2019 DJ Tira's wife Gugu Khathi and O'Neil's wife Cindy had traded blows following accusations that the O'Neils had thrown an object at their son Junior's car. O'Neil also at one time filed a police report complaining of a noise during Junior's birthday pary.


In April 2020 O'Neil filed a police report accusing DJ Tira of breaking coronavirus lockdown regulations.

"These five houses are all friends with one another and under normal circumstances I don't care, but they are moving in between houses and visiting one another during the period of lockdown."

"One minute you see them at Khathis and the next at NaakMusiQ's house. It's back and forth all the time.

"As far as I know, about three or four men reside in NaakMusiQ's house. But you will see a woman popping up and they continue to bring female friends.

"How is that possible during the lockdown? Why are there females at Willowbrook that don't live here?"


Benjamini O'Neal's age is not yet known.


Benjamini O'Neal is married to Cindy.

Racism allegations

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Guys meet at BENJAMIN ONEIL-📌📌📌📌📌📌I would like to give him his 2min of game because I have proven that I’ve never met an old white man my fathers age wanting fame this badly. This is Him daily watching our house and @iamnaakmusiq house he does this every morning till late afternoon since the lock down has started. We have a police van outside our homes daily that he calls for us - so right now he has put us in his lockdown where he won’t let us go to the shops for essentials otherwise we are met with a police van accused of breach. Before lockdown we have lived with his dominating personality and behavior for 5 years now he has called us a lot of names before discovering who we are last year when I opened an assault case against him then the police told him who we were. Let me tell you he called us Drug dealing Nigerians and thieves, when we buy new cars he will report us to the police to come and check the car if it’s legal and straight. He has since victimized my kids but refusing them pass by his property when going to the park or when our eldest junior drives past his home. He has thrown stones, axes and bricks to our cars claiming we speed passed his house yet the street hump is right there by his house. Oneil is not a problem to us we have been ignoring him since but it’s truly sad that he chooses a time like this to push his agenda when the world is going through such a heart hitting pandemic Covid-19. The most painful part about this situation is the fact that when Oneil calls the police to come to our house they get here very angry not trying to find out what’s going on and they keep coming angrier and angrier but when we call the police we do not get the same treatment we are dismissed told there is no immediate danger they laugh us off and leave us with stupid comments and no help. This needs to stop we have had enough we have complained to the Estate Management no reply yet the matter is being reviewed we have contacted our legal team for advise but RSA what do we do in the meantime? And mind this guy has never seen Tira or Anga since the lockdown started he has seen me twice and my son junior twice!!!!

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Benjamini O'Neil
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