Anna Leikovic

Anna Leikovic is a model and social media influencer from Moldova who is accused of murdering her own mother and cutting lungs and intestines with the kitchen knife while she was still alive before taking a shower to go meet her boyfriend. The motive for the alleged murder is not yet known.


Anna Leikovic has over 15 000 followers on Instagram.


Anna Leikovic is 21 years old as of 2020.


Anna Leikovic's 40 year old mother reportedly worked in Germany and was back in Moldova on holiday. Anna's father, Vasily Aladov,  reportedly ran for governor of the region of Gagauzia in 2019 but was unable to collect enough signatures to stand in the elections.



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Anna Leikovic
First Name Anna
Surname Leikovic
Home City Comrat, Moldova
Current City Comrat, Moldova