Anjanette Young

Anjanette Young is an African-American hospital social worker who became known after  a group of officers broke down the front door of her Chicago home and told her stand with her hands up as she was naked. The police officers were acting on a tip that had the wrong address for a 23-year-old suspect said to be armed who lived in a unit next door to Young.

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She is a hospital social worker.

The Raid

In February 2019, Chicago resident Anjanette Young was the subject of a mishandled raid carried out by police. Now, the court system has forced the police to turn over bodycam footage which revealed law enforcement pointing firearms at a nude, defenseless Young as she pleaded for help.

CBS Chicago broke the story in November 2019 and described how the 49-year-old used Thursday nights, the day of the raid, as an evening of self-care. Young shared how she watched television and enjoyed time alone, even avoiding contact with close freinds and family, who were aware of her weekly ritual.

In the bodycam video, police are shown yelling at Young to put her hands up as she dropped the only thing covering her body. The armed officers pointed weapons at the confused woman, who insisted on covering up and being allowed to call for help. She called out ” You’ve got the wrong house. I live alone,” repeatedly telling the officers they had the wrong house.

The officers eventually covered her with a blanket while her hands were cuffed behind her back. Later, a female officer present escorted Young to her room to put on clothes and placed her back in handcuffs after she was dressed. Toward the end of the incident, officers apologized.

Documents obtained by CBS Chicago show, however, the police officers were indeed at the wrong address. According to the report, the police department did not fully research information shared by an informant which resulted in the officers arriving at Young’s door.

Young’s attorney, Keenan Saulter, filed a federal lawsuit against the city and police department on her behalf. As the legal action progressed, the body-cam footage was obtained and publicized by CBS Chicago in a new report. Young filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and the CPD was forced to release the footage as part of her lawsuit against the police.

CBS Chicago claimed that shortly before the broadcast, the city’s lawyers filed an emergency motion in court in an attempt to stop the bodycam footage from airing. According to the report, the suspect the police hoped to target in the raid lived next door and had no relation to Young. The outlet also found the 23-year-old suspect was under electronic monitoring and police could have easily tracked his actual location.

In the initial November 2019 report that broke this story, CBS Chicago revealed Young is one of dozens of victims of botched raids by the Chicago police. In an investigative documentary, the outlet tracked 10 families who have filed wrong raid lawsuits in the midwestern city.

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