Alex Kompo

Alexander James "Kompo" Kompothecras is the former star of MTV's reality television show Siesta Key set in Siesta Key, Florida, an island within Sarasota, Florida. In June 2020, MTV fired Kompo from Siesta Key after he allegedly made racist comments on social media.

Date of birth

He was born on April 21, 1995.


Alex Kompo lives on the Siesta Key island in Sarasota, Florida with his parents Gary and Beth Kompothecras. The family lives in 13,516 square foot mansion on the island that in 2016 was valued at $12,613,900 and ranked the 10th most expensive home in Sarasota by Sarasota Magazine. [27] Alex is the eldest of six kids. His siblings Bronson and Sarah Alice are on the autism spectrum, and the youngest are triplets Gabriel, Helena and Neesa. Alex’s father Gary Kompothecras is a chiropractor and founder of 1-800-ASK-GARY, a lawyer and medical referral service. 


In 2017, Alex Kompo graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship. He graduated with a 3.4 GPA and was involved in the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. His parents, Gary and Beth are also alumni of the university. During his sophomore year, Alex launched his first start-up company and served as its CEO. Alex said in an interview that he plans on attending law school and continuing his path in entrepreneurship after graduation. 

Love life

While starring in Siesta Key, Alex was dating Juliette Porter. Currently, he is dating Alyssa Salerno, a hairstylist and makeup artist and together they have a baby girl.

Net worth

Not yet established.


Alex Kompo is the star of MTV's reality television show Siesta Key which debuted its pilot episode on July 31, 2017. The show follows Alex and his friends as they party, fish, and go boating in Siesta Key, Florida. Alex is known as the king of his clique on Siesta Key and for throwing wild parties at his family's mansion. His father Gary is one of the executive producers on Siesta Key. The show has been compared to a mix of former MTV reality shows The Hills and Laguna Beach. 

Siesta Key's premiere party was canceled after he received death threats for his friendship with Michael Wenzel who has been under investigation for animal cruelty.

Alex Kompo returned as the star of Siesta Key for the show's second season which premiered on January 23, 2019. 


In June 2020, Kompo was removed from the cast of Siesta Key after he allegedly made racist comments on social media and shared posts from white supremacists. “We’ve made the decision to cut ties with Alex and are editing the current season to minimize his presence,” Siesta Key announced on the show’s official Twitter account. “He will not be in future seasons of Siesta Key.” The announcement came after Siesta Key aired the first episode of its resumed third season of the show after taking a short hiatus. 

As a tweet by Exposed (MTV series) revealed, Alex has posted several racist comments over the years. Back in 2018, Alex shared a tweet with two separate images: one was a photo of a group of Black women swimming in a creek, another shows three hippos. Alex commented a racial slur underneath the image. He tagged a friend in the comment section of a photo showing a white, middle-aged man holding a can of beer and a gardening hose. "Go be a [n-word] somewhere else," read his caption. 

Likewise, he reacted to a racist meme depicting former President Barack Obama with a highly problematic response. Originally posted on Nov. 7, 2012, the caption of the photo reads "I'm a stupid f--king [n-word] who should get the f--k out of office because I can't run this country for s--t." "Truth brotha," read Alex's response to the meme. He also made an unacceptable comment under a meme depicting two Black men with a white woman sitting in the middle. "Her parents are crying somewhere," read the caption. Again, Alex chose to leave a racial slur under the problematic post. 

Co-stars' reaction to Kompo's firing

Juliette Porter tweeted back to a fan who said that people wouldn't watch the show without Kompo, writing "Sorry we picked trying to get rid of racism instead of thinking about your reality tv needs Mariah. You still see all the drama, you just don’t see him." Juliette also appeared on Barstool Sports' Chicks in the Office podcast and addressed Kompo's firing and her fans who were still supporting him. "I have a lot of — I don't want to say racist followers — but a lot of people are like really upset about him leaving," said Porter. "People love a villain." She also added, "It's not even like subtle racism – it was like blatant, blatant racism."

Kelsey Owens, another Siesta Key costar, said much of the same, adding, "I don't understand. There are so many people saying they want him back and I'm like, do you understand why he's gone?" 

Robby Hayes, who dated Juliette after Kompo did, commented on MTV's announcement, writing "Karma," according to Us Weekly. Chloe Trautman responded to Juliette's response, writing "They aren't worth it boo boo. Who cares?"

Social media following

Alex Kompo has over 364,000 followers on Instagram. His Twitter account sports over 46,000 followers under the handle @alexkompo. 


Alex is passionate about fishing and boating and owned his first boat at the age of 9.

Animal Abuse

Alex Kompo killed a hammerhead shark with a handgun and posted a video of the shooting on Instagram. He also posted photos of himself with a dead hammerhead shark he killed on Instagram. 

Alex also posted a photo of himself on Instagram using a beer bong to feed his dog. 

Alex also posted a photo of himself on Instagram giving freshwater out of a hose to a manatee. It is illegal to touch Manatees or feed them water because interaction with humans changes their behavior, humans are only allowed to view manatees.

Drunk Driving

In July 2014, Alex Kompo posted a photo of himself drinking a can of Bud Light while driving. He also posted a photo of himself opening the beer in his car. 


On February 16, 2019, in Pinellas County, Florida, Kompothecras allegedly "urinated" in the parking lot of the Oz Gentlemen’s Club in Clearwater, Florida, according to the police report obtained by In Touch. His actions "caused a disturbance, which constituted a breach of the peace." During the incident, Kompothecras allegedly "urinated on a vehicle leading to an altercation that required law enforcement presence to de-escalate." When police arrived on the scene, he allegedly "began shouting and disobeying lawful commands given." Officers suspected he was “under the influence of alcohol." 

Kompothecras was arrested and booked on a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. His bond was set at $250 and was bonded out hours later. Kompo appeared in court for his arraignment on February 28, 2019, where he entered a plea of not guilty. After an investigation was concluded in April of that year, the state attorney decided not to prosecute Kompothecras. 


On September 14, 2017 Alex Kompo was punched in the mouth by an unidentified man. The punch left Alex with a broken jaw which had to be wired according to an Instagram comment Alex made. The fight occurred at MacDinton’s, a bar, in South Tampa. 

According to a Tampa Police Department report, Alex Kompo was at the bar MacDinton’s on Sept. 14 when he got involved in a verbal altercation. He was escorted off the property, after which he said a white male in his 20s walked up and punched him with a closed fist in the mouth. 

An officer responded and said that Alex Kompo had a busted lip and was bleeding slightly from the left side of his mouth, but was not missing any teeth and did not appear to suffer any major injuries. Kompethecras initially identified the suspect, but then made several comments saying he was not absolutely sure it was him, according to the report. Alex Kompo then decided not to press charges and said he would sign a complaint withdrawal, but wanted the incident documented. 

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