Adam Alsahli

Adam Alsahli is a man from Damascus, Syria who was identified as the gunman shot dead at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas as he attempted to force his way through in attempted terrorist attack. The naval officer he shot survived because of bulletproof vest. Adam Alsahli was now living in the United States.

Career and Education

Adam Alsahli claims to have studied at Umm Al-Qura University a public Islamic university in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. What he did for a living is not yet known.


Adam Alsahli's age is not known.

Wife and Children

It's not known if Adam Alsahli had a wife or children.


His mother, father and the rest of his family are not yet known.


Adam Alsafi was a Moslem believed to have Salafi-jihadist ideology.


Adam Alsafi was Syrian though he was a United States resident.


Adam Alsafi was an Arab.

Contact Details

Phone Numbers
Physical Address

Adam Alsahli
First Name Adam
Surname Alsahli
Home City Damascus, Syria
Current City Texas, United States