Takura - Star Signs

Takura - Star Signs

Star Signs is an album by Zimbabwe artist Takura that was released on 01 October 2020. The album contains 12 songs including previously released singles Its Ok Not To Be Ok, No Stopping and Mufaro. Features include Gze, Nutty O, Priddy Ugly, Tellaman, ExQ, Blaqbonez, Holy Ten and WaMambo.

South African star producer Tweezy produced the song Cut Them Off which features Holy Ten.


1. Its Ok Not To Be Ok

2. Ndini Ndinaye ft. Gze

3. Who You Are

4. Tamba Inorira ft. Nutty O

5. Wind On The Beat ft. Tellaman & Priddy Ugly

6. No Stopping Remix ft. ExQ & Blaqbonez

7. Monster ft. WaMambo

8.  My Lover ft. Laylizzy

9. Pafoni ft. Freeman HKD

10. Cut Them Off ft. Holy Ten

11. No Stopping

12. Mufaro