Are These Deportations Emotional Or Legal?

vantunews 20th July, 2021 #Zim Eye
By Dr Masimba Mavaza | Mavis Matapo is a 17 year old Zimbabwean living in the UK. She is so scared to go outside her parents’ house alone. She shivers with fear each time she hears a male voice; her life crumbled into pieces the day she attended a birthday party in Luton. After the gig, Mavis was raped by a group Zimbabwean teenagers. They took turns to rape her and left her in the house naked and bleeding. Her parents were so angry and blamed her for being raped. With the help of some charitable organisations Mavis managed to make a report to the police. Her abusers were arrested and sentenced to 5 years each in prison. They are already out but the trauma has not left Mavis. Her life is a wreck. These sexual abusers are now pursuing their dreams without self reflecting on what they did to Mavis.