Strange Love May 2021 Teasers

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At the Agnihotri household, Niranjan scolds Anjali for preparing spicy food. Later, Anjali scolds Astha for coming home late and bans her from going home. She also demands that Anjali keep a fast for Shlok.Sunday 2 May 2021Episode 77
Astha's family is worried about Anjali's behaviour. Avadhoot informs the family about his suspension order. Meanwhile, Astha refuses to wash Shlok's feet as per the Pati Puja despite Anjali's insistence.Episode 78
Astha's refusal is supported by Bharat and Vinayak. Despite Niranjan's request; Astha doesn't relent; and is angry with Bharat. Consequently; Shlok tells Astha to leave the house but not before telling her that he will present the proof against her father.