Destiny April 2021 Teasers

vantunews 2nd April, 2021 #Destiny #Destiny Teasers #Tv Teasers #Tvsa
Kshitij agrees to marry Saraswati and their wedding is set for the same day as Lakshmi's. Menka and Pavitra watch as Suryakant showers his daughters with expensive gifts. Satyakaam is being followed.Friday 2 April 2021Episode 53
Satyakaam's car is pushed over a cliff while Lakshmi eagerly awaits him at their wedding. The family ends Saraswati's wedding in order to visit the hospital to see a very critical Satyakaam.Episode 54
Lakshmi is attacked on their way to Verma's house and a stranger comes to her rescue. Pavitra plans to get rid of Saraswati from the Garodia house. Suryakant's sudden love for Saraswati upsets Menka.

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