Disgruntled Civil Servants Appeal To The United Nations

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Disgruntled Civil Servants Appeal To The United Nations

Apex Council chairperson Cecilia Alexander said Zimbabwe’s public workers will take their fight for better wages to the United Nations’s International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Alexander told that the Apex Council (the umbrella union that represent civil servants, except those in the security and health sectors) will write a letter to the ILO on Thursday (yesterday). She said

"We are, therefore, escalating our struggle, starting with our letter to the ILO to complain about how we are being treated like slaves by the employer. We are writing the letter today (Thursday) and beginning next week we are starting a whole new battle," she said.

Civil servants held a meeting with government representatives on Tuesday but nothing came out of the meeting, prompting public workers to call for a strike on Wednesday.

However, police blocked the planned march on the last minute and the civil servants were not able to hand over a petition to their employer